Company Profile

Ambar Forge (P).LTD  established in the year 2001 has been shaping precise parts and imaginations with number of end clients and has over 17 + years of establishment, more than two decades of planning of expertise and experience . We have ISO 9001:2015 certifications for maintaining the quality of products. Ambar Forge (P).LTD is one of the best  forging company in Maharashtra which is located in the developing industrial City of Nasik which is one of the nearest city  to Mumbai(Financial and commercial capital of India).

Amber Forge (P).LTD with its expertise , dedication , best designing , commitments through service , cost and superior quality has made tons of uniformly  happy and satisfied  clients. We have 70% of the parts indirectly exported around the world. Now with the up-gradation with technological advancements, best in-class technical team, we have reached to new height of success. Our product range varies from 1 kgs basic to 40 kgs. Our installed capacity is 800 MT.

Ambar Forge (P).LTD follows a structured plan with National and International standards and specifications. With over 1000 + tonnes capacity per month we are growing and have established total four dedicated plants in the Industrial Area of Nasik

These new advancements in our Company and increasing work has made us Stronger and more confident in Forging Industry and so we, Ambar Forge (P).LTD can Forge and deliver the exact products which the Market is demanding Today making Ambar Forge (P).LTD one of the best  forging company in Maharashtra.

Director's Message

We at Ambar Forge (P).LTD are growing rapidly in the forging segment due to all the efforts of our skilled staff, technical change and up gradation. Our day and night hard work has been taking us on a whole new level of commitments and quality delivery of products.  

Ambar Forge (P).LTD has been investing in up-grading the manufacturing facilities and quality controls equipments, in order to realign itself and to rise to customers challenges for cost, technology and competency. Our commitment to our customers, reflects in the confidence expressed by them on Ambar Forge (P).LTD and the growth achieved by us over the years.

To meet the challenges ahead and fulfil all our client’s expectations, we  Amber Forge (P).LTD have restructured the company’s strategic initiatives embracing sustainable business practices, focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction , operational efficiency and staff skill development. We have identified a number of key growth areas that we intend to focus on in the coming years and grow with your support.


Ambar Forge (P).LTD has adopted lean manufacture technique, advancements in Metallurgical laboratory, Latest Machinery, educated and experienced staff.

These skilled combination of Labour, machinery and best experience in Forging is helping us get more Clients. We Oath to serve all our consumers with dedication and Quality Output always.


Ambar Forge (P).LTD is Nasik’s best and one of the largest Forging Company which is also recognised at India Level for its Quality and timely work. Amber Forge (P).LTD with best quality manufacturing is committing and growing rapidly with trust , transparency , social Responsibility and Customer satisfaction which we want to maintain all through our journey.