Quality Policy

Ambar Forge (P).LTD is well equipped with Standardise Technology. High end capacity Machinery We have ISO 9001:2015 certifications which enhances our quality output and creates undoubted results in dedicated time and Cost. Customer Satisfaction is the highest peak of our process. We feel a successful product is not only measured by the quality of its material and making but also the sheer satisfaction of clients. Our strict quality policies have helped us restrained our existing customers for years making Ambar Forge (P).LTD as one of the best forging company in Maharashtra.

Quality Objective
  1. Ambar Forge (P).LTD is one of the best Forging Company established with the motive of considering quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. We have increased and improved our productivity through latest manufacturing techniques like lean manufacturing also called as waste elimination and latest advancements in machinery.
  3. Our experienced staff with their dedication and 100% involvement has helped Ambar Forge (P).LTD and its group companies achieve targets on time with best quality output.

Ambar Forge (P).LTD is Nasik’s best and one of the largest Forging Company which is also recognised at India Level for its Quality and timely work. Amber Forge (P).LTD with best quality manufacturing is committing and growing rapidly with trust , transparency , social Responsibility and Customer satisfaction which we want to maintain all through our journey.